I know what you’re thinking…”another basic blog about basic girls with basic tips and basic advise” well you’re right. Sike! I guess I will never know if I bore you guys unless yano… you just type it in the comment section.

However, as a teenaged girl starting her days of college (after the GCSE exam stress of course) I decided that I will spend my days with you! well not literally… I mean hey wanna grab a coffee sometime? 🙂

Overall I decided to make this blog! A little place to express my thoughts and try my best to keep you entertained. I guess I am a blog virgin and WordPress popped that cherry. does this make you uncomfortable? OH WELL! Anyways I thought I would keep this short as I will end up getting paranoid and end up starting this over again…for the third time.

This blog will be presenting elements of beauty, fashion and lifestyle and well what ever really floats my boat. “The little life of a Nutella stick”. OH! And by the way my names Suhana (DURR!) but like it rhymes with banana unless you’re American then its however you can manage to pronounce it! thought id get that out the way as I’ve been called “Shauna” once but feel free to call me Coco, I got it as a nickname when I was born because instead of my mom saying “isn’t she beautiful” the first thing I ever heard was “you look like a coco pop”

(yes I know the features picture has nothing to do with my post, but its cool and tumblr worthy unlike me so like ignore that i wasn’t exactly going to put a giant coco pop as the image)

Love you all – COCO

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