Okay I know, SUHANA LOOK AT THE DATE VALETNINES WAS TIME AGO. Yes I see that I’ve only started blogging and I’m already slacking. Hey! The exam life chose me. Anyways, I thought I’d stop by to give my input on my extremely awkward experience I had on the national cringe day.

I get it, Valentines is the day we get to really express our emotions towards one and other, where we can publicly smooch each others faces off and watch our credit cards be stripped within 24 hours. I can admit that I do love it, it’s good to know that people are pouring their hearts to one and other even if that means I’m quietly watching from my bed as I scroll through Instagram seeing everyone intertwined with another soul.

Lets skip to the juicy bit ay? Scroll back up…do you see that image? I bet your actually proud of me matching the image to my post this time haha. Yep that’s all mine….let me spill the tea.

You know when your like really single but its not that we can’t find anybody but we’re just not interested at the moment in anybody (rather spend time with YouTube and Netflix rather than another being). You see at school I’m really just trying to have a good time, I only have 40 days with these people till we live our separate lives…touching really.

Anyways back to the drama, I woke up on Valentines proud of my relationship status with Netflix so oblivious of how awkward the day would fold out to be. I decided to make the efforts for myself and matched my makeup for the day, pink smokey eye with rosy cheeks I was prepared to stab cupid with my winged eyeliner. So, I was watching the time pass like a slug while I’m in second period as I get a message from a friend of mine to meet by the big clock (I know ooooo rebel texting in class) So I was like okay and when I got there LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I SAW (durrr…)

My so called friend had flowers in his hands with a card, my heart started racing, it was sweet but like…..HE’S LIKE A BROTHER TO ME. I get it was a thoughtful gesture but you know when you friend zone someone but you want to be friends because their quite chill as a bro…….. yep that was me. I didn’t know how awkward I was being till I asked who they were for. ( I know, wtf Suhana its not for santa) So to get to the even juicier bits ill just say I had to awkwardly let him know I didn’t feel the same way but he still gave me the flowers and I was confused because I still had 4 periods left and I wasn’t going to walk around with them so I decided to give them to my favourite teacher and explain what happened, we all laughed about it the next day haha so its all cool.

SKIP TO AFTER SCHOOL there’s this boy that I know likes me, he has done for 4 months and I’ve told him I was busy with studying and have no time to have a relationship, of course that was the truth and I just didn’t see it working with such different lifestyles. I was hearing rumours that he had got me something so I was like oh ffs please say he hasn’t. I was walking home and he had caught up and I obviously was like HEYYYY! but I was low-key annoyed I had to stop listening to my music. He insisted to walk me home and I couldn’t reject the offer as he had already walked past his house. we got to my house and all of a sudden he reached into his bag to give me something and I was like oh no. I was laughing and saying “ohhhhh no u shouldn’t have, I cant take this! I feel sooooo bad” but hes the kind of boy who has it his way or no way so he told me that if I didn’t take it he would knock on my door and tell my mom to give it me, of course knowing my mom she was already peeking out her room making kissy noises as I died on my doorstep. After stalling for half an hour I decided to just give in and take it and give him a hug for the efforts. As he walked away I look at the gift and I was left speechless!

HE GOT ME A COCO CHANNEL PERFUME, of course he got it for my nickname coco but that is some expensive stuff! I was sitting in my bedroom feeling so bad because I don’t really wan to trouble anybody nor do I want them to spend over a £100 in me. my mom laughed at me and called me a little heartbreaker but i think i only broke his credit card.

TO MAKE IT MORE AWKWARD…..My mom comes in and says you have fans, as she walks in she had  gift bags and said they were all for me…i was like WTF HOWWWWW WHO WOULD BOTHER OMG. Of course I’m grateful guys! but come on! I want to catch up on teen wolf. Turns out during school two other boys from other schools that i know of had got me things and i was really confused because I’m sure you spend time with your valentine not just drop of gifts and go. But i realised this post has dragged on WAY TOO LONG so I’m just going to list what i got:

-100ml coco channel perfume


-Cards with money

-Ted baker gift set

-Botanica bath set

Guys, what would you guys have done? was i too harsh? let me know in the comments haha xx

Love you all – COCO

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9 thoughts on “*AWKWARD VALENTINES*

  1. I would be so pumped if anyone liked me, even if I didn’t like them XD, I have no life. And awesome gifts, in our school people just get flowers. Your so lucky. What sort of age are you? (older teen, younger teen, over teen) I wanna know if I’m missing all this shit out, great post!

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